IRRESISTIBLE – FALL INTO ROMANCE (Irresistible Romance Book 5) Anthology – Review by – Liz Vrchota

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I really get excited when I see a new IRRESISTIBLE anthology from some of my favorite authors. This one is the fall theme and really makes the reader ‘fall’ into love over and over again with each of these 8 wonderful romance reads. I personally love The Two Hearts Wounded Warrior series from Tamara Ferguson and this one has a short that falls into the series so I was super excited to get my hands on it. The others are also by some of my fav authors and even a few new ones that I look forward to discovering more in the near future. I loved that this was in a nice and sweet box set available to share and gift easily with family and friends as this is about the time of year I start looking at gift options. I can’t wait to see what else we will get from these fabulous authors. Below is the title and author of each book that is included in the set, each and every one a five star read in their own way!

~ Two Hearts Truce (Two Hearts Wounded Warrior Romance 16) By: Tamara Ferguson

~ Falling Into Love (Paradise Place) By: Natalie Ann

~ Bayou Cottage (Cypress Cove series) By: Suzanne Jenkins

~ The Lies Between Us (Deadly Secrets Book #4) By: Cynthia Cooke

~ Ignite My Heart (North Fork Series) By: Alicia Street

~ Whiskey Sour By: Jen Talty

~ Cut and Run: Richmond Renegades (Hell Bent) By: Angela Stevens

~ Replacing Barnie (Candy Bar Series Book #1) By: Patrice Wilton

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