My Lips Are Sealed (Sealed With a Kiss Book 1) by Carmen Richter – Review by Tausha Treadway

My Lips Are Sealed (Sealed With a Kiss #1)My Lips Are Sealed by Carmen Richter
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

My Lips Are Sealed (Sealed With a Kiss Book 1) by Carmen Richter. This is a very emotional young adult love story. Its the story of a young girl named Zoe who lost the love of her life at a very young age. She is crushed beyond words and her parents think moving her to a new town will help her get over him. In this new town she decided to go to a local teen hangout where they have an open mic night and sing a song she wrote for her lost love. She meets a guy named Elijah and sparks fly. When she shows up to her a new school she realizes that Elijah is her new drama teacher. She has been thru so much heartbreak already is Elijah just going to add to that heartbreak? This is for sure a forbidden romance but she can’t help feeling the way she does. Will they try to work it out even though they could both get in trouble for the relationship? Read this forbidden love story to find out!

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