It Comes From Within (House Valdis Book 2) by Naomi Valkyrie – Review by Erica Fish

It Comes From Within (House Valdis #2)It Comes From Within by Naomi Valkyrie
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This the second book in the series and I highly recommend reading the first book in the series. This will provide you with the back story and introduce the characters. The description is a fantasy genre but it has many more elements in the story. There is sci-fi, danger, responsibility, secrets, tension, romance and magic to name a few. When the author has a vivid imagination, it makes the story come to life. It is what holds my attention from the very first page until the last page. Character building and relations also keeps the book interesting. In this particular story, I enjoyed the roller coaster ride I took with Xenobia. Xenobia’s storyline continues in book two. She is getting into every bit of trouble, not by her doing but by shadows she does not realize they are around. Danger is present and there is a crisis in the House of Valdis. There is drama and adventure around every corner. I will leave the review with this keep your mind totally open and the images will come to you. Enjoy the series and I cannot wait until the next book.

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