Her Blackened Heart (The Blackened Series #2) by Isra Sravenheart – Review by Amanda Kimble

Her Blackened HeartHer Blackened Heart by Isra Sravenheart
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5/5 Stars

Her Blackened Heart (The Blackened Series #2) by Isra Sravenheart

This was a great read. Sravenheart knows how to make a reader want more. This Paranormal will leave you wanting more.

Lady Isra is still in her tower cloaked to keep the humans away. When a gnome is caught snooping around she makes him her slave. He’s to be her eyes and ears for the humans. The quote I chose for Lady Isra is: “It sounds like you met the love and light brigade. They preach peace, love, and goodness. Oh, how it makes me want to vomit.”

Astrid, Lady Idea’s lover, is a raven. He can change into human form as that’s what Isra did for him. He wonders if there is something Lady Isra is hiding. The quote I chose for Astrid is: “I do not believe that, for I see love in you. It’s just shut away behind a great big wall that you have built up yourself. But I— am a raven, and ravens can fly over any wall you build, no matter how high or how wide.”

A highly recommend Paranormal read for anyone!

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