Rock Star on the Verge (Rogue Series Book 9) by Lara Ward Cosio – Review by Melissa Agena

Rock Star on the Verge (Rogue Series #9)Rock Star on the Verge by Lara Ward Cosio
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Book 9 in the Rogue Series, Rock Star on the Verge by Lara Ward Cosio was simply an amazing adventure! I truly love this series and the depths that it goes to. This is not your typical “rock star” book. This story follow’s Donal, a 17 year old on the verge of turning 18 that has no care in the world except going to clubs and his following on Instagram. He wants to be a musician but doesn’t want to put the effort into it. Donal is also Martin Wheeler’s of Rogue’s son. Conor, the guitarist of Rogue is on a downward spiral of depression. Having just lost his father, he doesn’t have any enjoyment out of life anymore. So what do they do? Go on a motorbike trip from Ireland to Spain so that Donal can finally meet his girl and to find a sense of adventure. It will also help Conor do a bit of healing too. It was a really good book, as I couldn’t put it down! There are so many elements and emotions to this book it made you connect with it on a different level. I can’t say enough about this book and this series. I would definitely read the books from the beginning so you can have a background to place it all. However, I’m sure you get away with reading this by itself though. I can’t wait to read the next one to see where Donal’s career as a musician has taken him!

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