Shattered Reality (Summoned Book 1) by C.A. King, USA Today Bestselling Author – Review by Angela Hayes

Shattered Reality (Summoned Book 1)Shattered Reality by C.A. King
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Shattered Reality is the first book in the Summoned Series by C.A King. It is a fantastic story- entirely original, well written, and very clever. It is a modern retelling, based on the ancient story of Perseus and Medusa. Hello, she had me at Medusa- as I love the old myths. We are back in Knollville- where Ms. King has taken us before- so we know we are in for a paranormal treat right from the get-go!
There is more to Mudesa Black than meets the eye. The psychologist spends her days helping people solve their problems, all the while hiding her own demons from the world. On the surface, she may seem like she has an enviable life, but Mudesa has worked really hard to get where she is. With secrets that weigh heavily on her mind- her past impacts her daily life in a way she can’t seem to escape. She is forced to return to her hometown, when her parents are killed. It’s the very place she worked so hard to leave behind, and the place she never wanted to see again. There is more to the situation that meets the eye- but the past seems determined to snatch her future from her grasp.
My review may seem a little vague, but that is on purpose, as I don’t want to give anything away. This is the kind of story I really recommend going into somewhat ‘blind’ and letting the author, and story, surprise you.
This is a wonderfully twisted tale that definitely kept me entertained.
Another great read from Ms. King’s limitless imagination!

Thank you, C.A King!


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