Shattered Snow (The Mirror Chronicles Book 1) by Rachel Huffmire

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Shattered Snow (The Mirror Chronicles Book 1) by Rachel Huffmire
Genre – Sci-Fi, Fairy Tale Retelling, Time Travel
Page Count – 324 pages
Cover Designer – Ashley Literski
This award winning novel is a high-stakes time travel retelling of Snow White, perfect for fans of Marissa Meyer and Shannon Hale.
Time travel may be illegal, but The Mirror doesn’t mind breaking a few laws.
Keltson Grammer inspects history as it unfolds behind his looking glass, determined to rescue unfortunate souls who deserve happier endings. When a young German countess named Margaretha von Waldeck bites into a poisoned apple, Keltson decides to offer her a different fate.
His newest assistant, a Russian scrapyard mechanic named Lilia Vaschenko, steps through the mirror and into the past. But upon arriving at the castle, Lilia finds Margaretha determined to forge her own path in life. Struggling to keep history from shifting beyond their control, Keltson and Lilia fear that too many missteps will send a notorious huntsman to investigate the variance in history. If the huntsman’s agency captures them, Keltson’s life work will be erased, restoring his clients to their original, dismal fates.


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Rachel Huffmire grew up in the middle of a Utah wheat field where she found plenty of time to read and dream. Her mom paid her a dollar per classic novel she read so, in a quest to amass a small fortune, Rachel read over 200 classic novels in elementary school.

After dabbling with writing novels and stage plays, she ran to the BYU bookstore for her first job. Behind the register, she watched local authors hold book signings and began dreaming up plots of her own.

She currently lives in Southern California where she enjoys sand at its finest: the beach and the desert. She enjoys playing board games with her two little boys, snuggling her baby girl, and reading bedtime stories to her husband every night.

Author Interview With Rachel Huffmire




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