Tidal Love by KM Lowe – Review by Cindy Mayberry

Tidal LoveTidal Love by K.M. Lowe
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Tidal Love
By KM Lowe
I would love to give this beautiful story more than 5 stars. It is a full length novel, filled with so much love and heartache.
Harleigh Harrison has just escaped a very abusive relationship. Being close to her family, she tries to get her life back on track. Her heart has been so crushed, her smile never reaches her eyes. Unless of course she is with her students. As her brother gives her a month vacation to Bulgaria, she is hesitant to go. Will she have fun?
Giovani Russian has also been hurt. Diving into his empire, he has no time for women. His heart will remain locked with bars around it. Just to keep himself safe from the hurt he has suffered. His hotel in Bulgaria satisfies his need to keep busy. Can these two people get through their failed relationships and give one more try?

KM Lowe is the author of this wonderfully heart wrenching story, of two people taking chances. You can’t help but to fall in love with Harlow and Gioand, let’s not forget Lucca, Gio’s brother. This is a story of two people taking chances to find happiness and love. Beware! You might want to climb into this story and help. I know I did. So many tears were shed on my part. But so worth reading this book. Just to feel hope is available for all who take control back. No spoilers, just warm hearts. Thank You KM Lowe! Book well done!


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