Grumbler’s Ride (Satan’s Devils MC San Diego #2) by Manda Mellett – Review by Kayla Interdonato

Grumbler's Ride (Satan's Devils MC San Diego #2)Grumbler’s Ride by Manda Mellett
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Grumbler’s Ride is the second book in the Satan’s Devils MC San Diego series by Manda Mellett. This particular story is about Grumbler, the sergeant-at-arms of the San Diego chapter of the Satan’s Devils MC, and Mary. Grumbler has given his life to his club, as most do when they are part of a motorcycle club. He doesn’t have an old lady or any kids, it seems that his bike is his only companion. Things change for Grumbler when someone wants to feature his bike and his path crosses with Mary’s. Mary is a single mother to her seventeen year old daughter. Like many seventeen year olds, she wants independence but acts like a child at the same time. Mary tries her best to stay ahead of her daughters pursuits, but this time she wants to model and refuses Mary to chaperone. Mary’s motherly instincts kick in but it might be too late. Thankfully Grumbler is there to help. Like many other novels by this author, she does an amazing job walking the fine line of heavy subject matter. She does so in such a tasteful way that she is able to bring awareness to some controversial topics. This story did not disappoint one bit and I look forward to reading other stores in this series.

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