Key to Tirumfall (The Tirumfall Trilogy Book 3) by J Drew Brumbaugh – Review by Angela Hayes

Key to Tirumfall (Tirumfall Trilogy #3)Key to Tirumfall by J. Drew Brumbaugh
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Key To Tirumfall is the third and final book in the Tirumfall Trilogy by J. Drew Brumbaugh. This fantasy series has really captured my imagination- and I can’t believe this is the concluding chapter to our adventures- but what a fantastic finale it proved to be. I think this trilogy would make a great television series or adventure/RPG game.
This has a bit of an epic swords and sorcery feel to it- with plenty of action, adventure, wizardry, magic, demons, prophecy, danger, choices, setbacks, friendship, emotion, discoveries, love, family, high stakes- and where our characters will be tested like never before.
This follows on from the previous two books, so if you haven’t read Fall of the Western Kings or Child of Prophecy yet, I highly recommend you do before embarking on this third adventure. Knowing what happened in the other books will definitely enhance your reading experience of this story.
Looking forward to seeing what comes next!

Thank you, J. Drew Brumbaugh!


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