The Sanctuary Chronicles Box Set – Book 1-3 + Novella by India Kells – Review by Roxsanne Lesieur

The Sanctuary Chronicles Box Set - Book 1-3 + NovellaThe Sanctuary Chronicles Box Set – Book 1-3 + Novella by India Kells
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Please see the individual books for a full review.

This boxset of the first three books in the Sanctuary Chronicles and a bonus novella where the lives of three childhood friends Valeria, Sera and Violet are full of magic, but there are both seen and unseen dangers around them as dark magic threatens their lives. They each have their hopes and fears and as each has to face them, they discover that it is not only witches who are around, werewolves, vampires abound and the only place which is safe for them all is Sanctuary, but is it even safe there?

Book one, Broken Magic sees Valeria struggling to come to terms with the magic she has known all of her life breaking and becoming destructive after being cursed while on a hunt, but the werewolf who swears that at the same time, she killed his sister, what the future holds is the one question which they cannot predict.

Book two, Blind Magic follows Sera as her worst fears come to pass and she loses her sight completely, but the past she was trying to leave behind is insisting on following her when dark magic threatens to take her away from her beloved books and research and the only one who can help her doesn’t even want to be in the same room as her, but will Sera be able to overcome her past to assure her future?

Book three, Dead Magic follows Violet, a witch with flaming red hair and a fiery attitude to match and Finn, one of the oldest vampires around. As Finn makes the decision to end his long life, fall into oblivion and end the loneliness which surrounds him, he hears a distressed call from Violet a pull to help her which he can’t resist, but when this threat to her life is from dark magic, Finn needs to decide whether to give in to the temptation this witch holds for him, or leave it all behind for oblivion. Will darkness or light triumph over this unlikely pairing or is life or death the final outcome?

The novella Hidden Magic is the story of Kat and Brant, a human and a shifter who’s secret relationship is anything but ordinary, between him being a werelynx and her having telepathic powers, there is always magic in the air, but as christmas approaches and love is in the air, is the darkness from Kat’s path about to catch up to her, or will christmas be the time of magic and celebration it is meant to be?

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