Be Brave With Me (Finding Love In Green Springs Book 1) AUDIO BOOK by CA Miconi – Review by Cindy Mayberry

Be Brave With Me (Finding Love In Green Springs Book 1)Be Brave With Me by J.B. Havens
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Be Brave With Me
Finding Love in Green Springs
Book 1
By CA Miconi
This is a full length novel. This story is a feel good romance. Well not really, first you need to get past your past to make your future HEA.

Meg is a strong independent woman. She has taken her life in her control. Something she never thought was possible. Then her journey has two roads to travel. Does she follow her heart? Does she follow her mind? Only reading this book will tell you the truth. Drew on the other hand has his past. He too must come to terms with it. Take a step and let his heart, mind and sole come together. These are two adults with a broken heart. Can Drew take a chance and move past his fears? Will these two wonderful adults take the right road?

CA Miconi may be a new author for me. But her writing skills are what will draw me back. I absolutely love this story. Meg and Drew are perfect for their role in this story. Both broken, both strong. This book starts at the very beginning of their lives. It will follow along until the last page. Well Done CA Miconi! Well done.


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