Eye of Death: A paranormal romance (Vampire State Book 3) by Alexander Charalambides – Review by Roxsanne Lesieur

Eye of Death (Vampire State, #3)Eye of Death by Alexander Charalambides
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Rowena is back and she is making a go of being an independent journalist with the help of Quintus, but on this day when she wakes up thinking she is late for work, she realises that she is on her own time and couldn’t be late but still getting up early is not easy for her, as she stumbles into the kitchen to find a note from Vincenzo, he is trying with these notes and today’s is no different with a joke and breakfast in the fridge. As she heads out to do an interview with Prince Antet with her sandwich in tow, she is thinking about the statement she released the day before and what the reactions to it have been, but she hasn’t got time to check them. As she pulls into a parking space near where the hotel is and checks in with Quintus, it is busy in the lobby and there are other news anchors making their own preparations, so she walks to the hotel and goes in via the back entrance and passed the Prince’s security, she pretty much walks into Quintus at the top of the stairs.

They head up to the Prince’s suite and she waves to an ex-colleague on the way, enjoying the look of surprise when he sees her, when she and Quintus arrive there, the Prince welcomes them with open arms, he is not quite ready to start the interview, but they talk and joke a little before talking about the format of the interview and how it is going to work without any camera’s present. They decide to record the audio only and then over coffee, they start the interview. They cover topics about both Rowena and the Prince and Rowena realises that she is getting from the Prince what she wanted from Vincenzo, it is a surprise and sets the tone for the rest of the interview, after it is all checked and completed and everyone is happy with the content and the agreement to allow more interviews in the future, Rowena and Quintus get ready to leave the hotel, this is when the Prince pulls Rowena to the side and asks her out on a date, Rowena says she will think about it and leaves.

As Vincenzo and Rowena prepare to leave for an event, they detour to see a friend on the way, but nothing new can be gleaned about the ULA political party through this source, so they head on to the event and meet Quintus there. The conversations on the boat aren’t wholly desirable to the humans on board and the news that one of the higher profile politicians has defected to the ULA, meaning that their hard work is about to become even harder is when Vincenzo confronts the party members at the same event, but it doesn’t end well and there is an argument between himself and Rowena, he leaves her standing in the cold and to fend for herself to get home again, alone. It is a few weeks later on that Rowena prepares for another interview with the Prince and this time, she is taking a camera with her as it is about the trade deal between Sanguinia and Kemet she will be reporting on, but when she gets to the Senatorio, things do not go quite to plan and it is only later on back at the hotel she finds out why and as things become heated, she takes the camera and shows the reality of the current situation and who is responsible for it/

This is the third installment of the Vampire State series and what a continuation it is, but can Rowena, Vincenzo and Quintus pull together or will this latest battle rip them all apart? Whose side is anyone on and will they stay that way, or will the lines blur? The only way to find out what the future holds is to read the book and find out.

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