Anguish (The Journals Trilogy Book 1) AUDIO BOOK by D.M. Earl – Review by Cindy Mayberry


The Journals Trilogy 

Book 1


By D.M. Earl


What a start to a suspenseful romance. 

Quinn has a story to tell. But the best way for her to tell her story, was to start a journal. While she has a lot to tell, it is best written down. In one horrific event, her whole life changed. I have to say not in a good way. This is her struggle. She is stronger than even she believes. With the help of the one person who has been in the shadows, watching over ber. Will Quinn take her lifeback? 


D.M. Earl is a new author for me. Where have I been? This story is so believable, you will have no choice to keep reading. This book will suck you in on the first page, and leave you wanting more on the last page. I love the characters in this story. Quinn is such a strong and brave woman. Her journals, her struggles, her life! I am looking forward to reading book 2 in this trilogy.  Well done D.M. Earl! Well done!


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