At All (The Adams Brothers Book 3) by Mindy McKinley – Review by Amanda Taylor

At All (Adams Brothers, #3)At All by Mindy McKinley
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

At All (The Adams Brothers Book 3) by Mindy McKinley was absolutely amazing; I had such a hard time putting it down. I would definitely read these books in order as the characters are reoccurring and you get more of the back story. This is the story of Maelie Barre & Sebastian Adams. Maelie is the daughter of a world famous violinist and has spent her whole life living in his shadow. So she is trying to figure out how to make it on her own. Teaching is a passion of hers and when she gets a job she’s excited, but what she didn’t expect was what comes next. Sebastian is a saxophonist who has ran into a lot of trouble with alcohol and needs to redeem himself. He landed a teaching job alongside Maelie but what he didn’t expect was the attraction between them. Will things work out for them? How far are they willing to go? This book will keep you on your toes and you won’t be disappointed.

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