Beckoned (Born of Darkness Book 1) by R. B. Fields – Review by Amanda Kimble

Beckoned (Born of Darkness, Book 1)Beckoned by R.B. Fields
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5/5 Stars

Beckoned: Born of Darkness (Book 1) by R.B. Fields

This is the first book by Fields and I will be waiting for more. Beckoned is an amazing start to a great series. Fields knows how to write and bring the readers back.

Dawn has never felt like she belonged anywhere. She’s a nurse in the ER and sees a lot of things. She is told that her mother didn’t die by the hands of a monster, but she soon learns that’s not true. The quote I chose for Dawn is: “I’m going to sit by the pond. Let me know when I can come in to eat, would you? You do have human food, right?”

Silas is one of the four vampire mates to Dawn. When he finds her on the bridge trying to kill another of his kind he is shocked. He’s the first to bond with her and knows how she enhances his powers. The quote I chose for Silas is: “I heard them, too, in the woods, though they were very far away — farther than I should be able to hear. Something about her is increasing my range and the intensity of my powers, and —”

Kain is the smart one of Dawn’s mates. When he tends to her wounds he finds that he is stronger. He doesn’t want to go too deep as he needs to research. The quote I chose for Kain is: “Not much to tell. I was in the war , which one is irrelevant — they are all the same. I do not remember dying. I do not remember turning. I do know it took me nearly eighty years to find Markula … and those like him.”

Draynor is the second to bond with Dawn. The third of her mates and the one who can feel things. He doesn’t know what to make of her at first. Soon that all changes and he doesn’t want to leave her. The quote I chose for Draynor is: “I guarantee none of them can hear as well as we can. They can’t sense us the way we can sense them. And if Dawn’s with us, she’ll likely dampen their senses as she did ours before we bonded, leaving our powers all the more finely honed. Our best option is —”

Markula is the leader of their hive. The fourth and the last to mate with Dawn. When he does he finds that she may be playing them. He doesn’t trust her and hasn’t from the beginning. The quote I chose for Markula is: “There are no vices for us, no real dangers for addiction. We can’t invite that in, especially when we have no frame of reference for what kind of addiction this might be.”

Highly recommended for Erotica Romance lovers.

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