Beckoned: Born of Darkness (Book 1) by R.B. Fields – Review by Roxsanne Lesieur

Beckoned (Born of Darkness, Book 1)Beckoned by R.B. Fields
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Dawn Macewan is a nurse by day and a badass human woman who follows the darkness that lives inside her and draws her to the darkness in others and uses it to solve the unsolvable murders and when she does, she goes after the serial killers before incapacitating them and handing them over to the authorities, but that is all about to change when her latest one turns out to be a vampire and a mean one at that. As she walks down the boardwalk late at night and well after the imposed curfew, she is ready to confront the evil where it preys upon the women, suddenly she hears him approaching her from behind, she grasps her mothers knife and prepares for the inevitable attack, but when she sees another man at the other end of the bridge, she is not prepared for the reaction she has to him, the man with the violet eyes staring back at her.

As the reality dawns on her that there are actually two of them, she is determined to at least get in some damage of her own before she is taken down, but when the guy in front of her disappears, she then feels a bolt of pain in the back of her head and as she struggles back to her feet, she knows the guy is behind her, she can hear him breathing, but as she attempts to get to her phone and finish the call to the authorities, he grabs her arm and wrenches her arm out of the socket, but as he shifts his weight to get behind her, she stabs him in the thigh with her knife, but she cannot escape him and the rest of her blows don’t seem to affect him at all and that’s when he starts to strangle her. As she knows she is about to die, the pressure suddenly releases and she hears a tearing sound in the air and she turns to see both men on the boardwalk, the one who tried to kill her is dead and ripped apart on the boards and the other is above him and when he approaches her, his face is covered in blood.

The man approaches her, knowing that he may attack her, but she is drawn to him and it appears that he is feeling the same way as he offers her his hand, she doesn’t trust him, but as he asks her questions, she just barks a laugh at him and as they both realise that she isn’t afraid of him like she should be, even when she lets slip that she knows he is a vampire too, although she says she is surprised seeing as they were working together, he puts that right as soon as she says it disgusted even at the idea. He seems to make a decision there and asks her to go with him and see the others, she agrees to go, liking the idea of safety in numbers, especially when vampires are involved, so getting on his motorcycle, they head back to his group and as she thinks over what she has just seen and how it will affect her future, but the feeling that she is in danger overarches everything else. When they arrive at the vampires home, it is not what she expected, but at the same time she understands the need for it, however as the door opens and a discussion about her ensues, she is not sure what her best option is, to go home and face certain death, or stay here and face possible death.

When Dawn tries to sleep and fails when her nightmares start, she gives up and gets dressed, but realises her knife is missing and goes to find the guy who brought her there, he is the only one who knows about it, however when she goes to confront him, she cannot deny the attraction between them and before she knows it, she is overcome with desire and so is he and they spend the night together, but when the next day, they all set off together somewhere else, she finds that it isn’t just the him she is attracted to and when things start to heat up between her and one of the others in the group, she doesn’t know what to do about it, but that is just the start of the unusual occurrences as they escape from the other vampire group chasing them down, but will she be able to survive them, or will whatever she has gotten in to be ruined before it can even start?

This is an erotic romance with a twist as secrets are revealed and tensions mount leaving you wanting to find out what those secrets are and as this fast paced novel whirls you to the end it keeps you interested all the way through.

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