Love at First Haunt (Haunted Ever After Book 1) by Carrie Pulkinen – Review by Anna Hirsch

Love at First Haunt: A Ghostly Paranormal Romance (Haunted Ever After Book 1)Love at First Haunt: A Ghostly Paranormal Romance by Carrie Pulkinen
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Love at First Haunt (Haunted Ever After Book 1) by Carrie Pulkinen
4 stars

Love at First Haunt is the first installment in her Haunted Ever After series. Logan is an empath but he doesn’t know. All his life he knew that he could read people’s emotions and now , on top of that, he has a ghost in his house. Everything is driving him to the point of insanity. He meets Alison and his life changes. She teaches him how to block his empath abilities and shows him what live really is. He falls fast and hard for her. One tiny problem, she’s a psychic who’s afraid of ghosts. How can they have their happily ever after when she would have to face her fears? Facing her fears means putting her life at risk.

I enjoy reading Ms. Pulkinen’s books because they are light romantic comedies with a paranormal twist. I noticed with series, she writes on a more serious note. Although there isn’t as much comedy as her other books, it is still filled with romance, wonderful characters and this time, mystery and danger. While the romance blossoms fairly quickly, the suspense has a slow build up that will leave you breathless. This is a great book and a fantastic start to her new series. I am looking forward to book two.

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