Stormy’s Thunder (Satan’s Devils MC Utah #2) by Manda Mellett – Review by Francis O’Sullivan

Stormy's Thunder (Satan's Devils MC Utah #2)Stormy’s Thunder by Manda Mellett
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After reading Road Tripped, I was intrigued as to what Stormy’s backstory was and what drove him to make the decisions he made. The second book in the Utah Chapter of Manda Mellett’s Satan’s Devils MC series, Stormy’s Thunder, promised to tell me more about this complex and mysterious character.
Stormy’s Thunder deviates from the format of the majority of the Satan’s Devils books as much of the story – whole chapters, even – is told through flashbacks. This is very effective. The present day sections of the story set out questions that are answered in the past, only to raise more questions that take us elsewhere in Stormy’s story.
Although many of the Satan’s Devils books work fine as standalones I would really recommend reading Road Tripped before Stormy’s Thunder. The stories are closely linked, with Stormy’s Thunder including retellings of some of the events of the previous book from different perspectives, and Road Tripped is a good introduction to the Utah Chapter.
For me, this is a five-star book. This series… honestly I have very little interest in romance and motorcycles but these books are so well written and the stories are always such page-turners, I’m hooked. A joy to read!

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