The Traveler: Chimera Rising (The Traveler Series, Book of Eleanor Book 3) by Shannon Nemechek – Review by Kerry Carr

The Traveler: Chimera Rising (The Book of Eleanor 3)The Traveler: Chimera Rising by Shannon Nemechek
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is is 3rd book in The Book of Eleanor series. I would recommend reading the first 2 books before as this books follow on from the last one. The characters are well written and easy to connect with and the author does an amazing job of painting the scene for the reader.

This is a story about time travelling. Katie and Colm  have been asked to save someone but can saving that person change their futures? Can a spoke word change the course of history for the better or worse?

Filled with magic, mystery and adventure this story is one that keeps you wanting more.

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