Titanian’s Phoenix: Titanian Chronicles by Victoria Saccenti – Review by Kerry Carr

Titanian's Phoenix: Titanian ChroniclesTitanian’s Phoenix: Titanian Chronicles by Victoria Saccenti
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I really loved this story. It has a mixture of everything I love in a book. Great adventure, supernatural beings and a romance that is timeless. The story is so easy to read and fast paced and the characters are really well written.

Maya is a normal girl or so she thought. Being raised by her godmother she lived a pretty normal life. Until the day she and her godmother are kidnapped. Why would someone want to harm her? What do they want with her?
After helping Maya escape her godmother tells her she needs to find Soren as he will be able to protect her.

When Maya finds Soren the connection is immediate. Soren realises that Maya is his eternal mate and he know he will do anything to protect her.

With something bad happening and other supernatural beings disappearing and turning up dead there is a battle on their hands. Maya has to learn about her true identity, her ability and what it means to have an eternal mate as well as help Soren defeat the evil that is trying to end all supernatural beings.

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