City of Whispers (Imperial Assassin Series Book 1) by Katt Powers – Review by Angela Hayes

City of Whispers (Imperial Assassin, #1)City of Whispers by Katt Powers
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3 1/2 Stars


City of Whispers is the first book in the Imperial Assassin series by Katt Powers. This is a wonderful fantasy adventure- full of intricate details woven into a rich and vibrant setting. It is an action-packed urban fantasy with magic, danger, drama, hidden agendas, fight scenes, humour, emotion, secrets, and incredible world building.
This is my first rad from Katt Powers, so I really didn’t now what to expect going into the story- but I absolutely love fantasy adventures, and the cover and blurb sold me in an instant. While I did enjoy the story, I am not going to lie, it did take me a few chapters to ‘settle’ into the story as there were just so many characters with hard to pronounce names places, and terms- that disrupted the flow of reading for me while I tried to figure out how to pronounce it all. The book does come with a glossary, providing a list of names and their pronunciations, which was handy- but again disrupted the flow when I had to keep referring back to it time and again. With 8 pages of names and pronunciations, things got a little confusing and complicated. Having such complex and unusual names added to the whole exotic feel to the ‘world’ in which the story is set- but it also made things more confusing than they needed to be when it came to reading it all.
I did enjoy the story and think this is set to be a fantastic series, I just wish some of the names and places weren’t so complicated- as it did detract a little from my overall enjoyment of the story.
The story is set to continue in Book #2, Valley of Lies.

Thank you, Katt Powers!


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