Granted: Curse Of The Emerald Jinn by Rachel Huffmire – Review by Kerry Carr

Granted: Curse of the Emerald JinnGranted: Curse of the Emerald Jinn by Rachel Huffmire
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was a fun and magical young adult book. I really enjoyed that the main character was a boy and a shy boy that doesn’t fit in. The authors portrayal of the character and the world around him really creates the scene.

Liam is a 16 year old boy. He has a special gift. He can see colours around people but only when they are up to no good. As much as he tries to stay away from trouble it always seems to be attracted to him.

Through this story he has his life saved by an unlikely person, he makes an enemy and finds a strange shell on a school field trip. What the shell is and what it means is one mystery that gets unravelled and leads Liam into some dangerous situations.

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