Guardians of the Garden by Theresa Pocock – Review by Kerry Carr

Guardians of the GardenGuardians of the Garden by Theresa Pocock
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was an enjoyable read. I loved the story and the adventure that you are taken on. The author does a great job of creating the world of Edenia and describing the peoples abilities and dreams.

Miriam lives in Edenia. Everyone who lives there becomes Guardians of the secret garden. Everyone except her. Because of her Nature she is seen as different and rejected by her town. She doesn’t want to live in Edenia. She wants to leave and fine her own place in the world. However her mother forbids it. With changing times her mother says she needs to stay close.

Seth is a young kid who’s travelled the world with his father. When they end up in Edenia he hates it and doesn’t want to stay but with the threat of war and destruction he knows we have to stay. With his Edenia being his dad’s home the call for him to return means the whole family needs to return. Seth is also given a secret mission. He needs to find out the secrets that the people of Edenia are hiding. If he does this there is a way to save his sister but at what cost.

Could he betray the people of Edenia to save his sister? Will the war thats brewing mean the end of Edenia?Can Seth and Miriam  work together to protect Edenia and its secrets and stop it getting into the hands of the wrong people?

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