Scorching Hot Mess by Brooke May

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Scorching Hot Mess by Brooke May
Genre – Romantic Comedy, Contemporary Romance
Page Count – 435 pages
Willow Everett is about to go on a journey that is almost too wild to believe.
One drunken night has flashes of mixed with four wrinkled up napkins carrying phone numbers as her only clues to what truly went down and now has her on the romantic chopping block.
With the wicked demon who is also her best friend on her shoulder urging her to take the opportunity to find her forever, Willow embarks on her journey.
Of course, first she needs to break up with her lazy boyfriend.
Jealousy, anger, and thievery all stand in the way of Willow’s forever happiness.
Until Gun.
The man’s presence alone calls to her. He is everything she wants; kind, funny, and her blind raccoon actually likes him. But that siren call is something she digs deep to resist. Time and again, she is reminded of his Sophie.
Willow refuses to be that type of woman and is determined to ignore what her body yearns for from Gun with each random encounter they have.


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Romance author Brooke May spends her days writing whatever her overactive imagination has brewed up and her evenings reading while she works alongside her mom. Telling stories is second natural to her, from a young age she has told anyone who would listen what she had thought up. Now, a mom of two, she splits her time writing, playing with her kids, and of course, hiking, hunting, fishing, and four-wheeling in her beloved Bighorn Mountains.

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