Vengeance (The Sundown Series Book 5) by Courtney Konstantin – Review by Angela Hayes

VengeanceVengeance by Courtney Konstantin
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Vengeance is the fifth thrilling instalment in the Sundown Series by Courtney Konstantin. This is such a brilliant zombie, post-apocalyptic survival story with so much heart pounding action, adventure, violence, drama, danger, a plague, fight scenes, tension, intensity, mystery, suspense, and so much more.
The is so vivid- every detail so cleverly crafted that the entire story came to life, pulling me into all the heart-pounding action- and had me in survival mode, looking around every corner for any new threats- believe me, I was on the edge of my seat for the majority of this story.
The book is intense, raw, gritty, and entirely gripping. Ms. Konstantin took me on an adventure that was so ‘real’ and believable- even though we don’t have zombies in the real world- she made a true believer- it was that realistic.
There are a LOT of zombie apocalyptic stories that have made the rounds over the past few years, but this story/series has quite an original take on the zombie ‘lore’. I was immersed in the story- losing all sense of time and place- completely engrossed and entirely invested in the outcome. I devoured it in one sitting and am still thinking about it, days later- and to me, that’s a sign of a great story and a superb author!
Ms. Konstantin has a bold, dynamic, and vividly descriptive style- which brought every single scene to life. I was right there, in amongst the action, fighting for survival! The story is so gripping, gruesome, and disturbing- but at the same time there are tender, emotive, and heartfelt moments which gave the story so much more depth.
Even though this could be read as a standalone, there is so much more to know, with important storyline/backstory, intriguing developments, as well as character introductions/details to be found in the previous books. So, I really recommend reading the previous books before starting on this one as knowing what happened previously will definitely enhance your reading experience of this book.
I cannot recommend this series and author highly enough! So, if you love a thrilling read with zombie/apocalyptic/survival theme- a gripping, well-written plot, and incredibly interesting characters- then this is the book/series for you! Seriously! What are you waiting for- it’s a definite ‘must read’!
Addictive reading! Can’t wait for more!

Thank you, Courtney Konstantin!


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