Amy’s Santa: Satan’s Devils MC (Second Generation #1) by Manda Mellett-Review by Amanda Kimble

Amy's Santa: Satan's Devils MC (Second Generation) #1Amy’s Santa: Satan’s Devils MC (Second Generation) #1 by Manda Mellett
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5/5 Stars

Amy’s Santa: Satan’s Devils MC-Next Generation #1 by Manda Mellett

This isn’t the first book I’ve read by Mellett. I have read several of the Satan’s Devils MC Series. Each of them has a place in my heart.

Amy grew up on the MC Compound in Tucson. She was five when Drew came into her life and he’s the reason she left Tucson behind. Of course getting her independence was another reason. Then something happens. The quote I chose for Amy is: “You’ll always be Drew to me. Is it really that important to you?”

Drew, aka Wizard, owed the Satan’s Devils MC his damn life. They took him and his older sister in when things weren’t going good. When he meets Amy she’s ten years younger. As she gets older he can’t stop thinking about her. The quote I chose for Drew is: “The MC saved Mariana, and myself. We both could have died were it not for their help. Such a big debt owed, I wanted to give something back. So I prospected and became a member. When you went away, I was lost, adrift, made to re-evaluate my life. I f-ed up, Amy, I admit it. I’d lost my friend and realised I’d lost the girl worth waiting for. All I could do was throw myself into the MC. I aimed at becoming an officer when the old regime eventually retired. I lived and breathed the club, and I still do. Got to admit that.”

Highly recommended for MC Romance lovers.

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