Key West Dead (Jake Wolfe Book 6) by Mark Nolan – Review by Francis O’Sullivan

Key West DeadKey West Dead by Mark Nolan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Key West Dead is the sixth book in Mark Nolan’s Jake Wolfe series. This book finds Jake and Cody in Key West, Florida and, as the title suggests, people die. There’s a crime to solve, and the stakes are high as the killer continues planting and detonating bombs.
Cody is a great character, and this is another story where his talented nose is in high demand. We also see Cody, as well as Jake, dealing with their PTSD as well as the ongoing traumatic events. It doesn’t help that what was meant to be a nice, relaxed holiday has turned into a life-threatening case.
It was good to see more of Sarah in this book as well! Although often sent off with friend Alicia while Jake and Cody are investigating, she gets in on the action as well as showing her openness to adventure and skills in handling a boat.
For me, this is a four-star book in an enjoyable series. The Florida setting is fun – made me feel like I was on holiday! I’d recommend the series to mystery and crime fans who like canine characters as much as humans.

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