Kissing the Kavalier by Annette Nauraine – Review by Heidi Schoolman

Kissing the KavalierKissing the Kavalier by Annette Nauraine
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is a Historical Romance novel and is 406 pages. This story follows Zdenka Waldner, a Countess, and Matteo von Ritter, a Lieutenant. This story is set in the late 1800’s in Vienna. Zdenka needs to save the family farm and find her sister, Arabella, a rich husband. So Zdenka dresses and acts if she is Arabella’s brother. Matteo did not want a plain girl, but he was intrigued with Arabella. He uses Zdenka as his messenger to deliver love letters to Arabella. Only the letters never make it because Zdenka pretends to be Arabella through writing. It does not take long for Zdenka to start falling in love with Matteo. But what is Matteo going to think when he finds out Zdenka isn’t the brother, but Arabella’s sister?

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