Maggie (Maggie Trilogy Book 1) AUDIO BOOK by Mya O’Malley – Review by Carly Vogler

Wow! Be prepared to listen to this book all in one sitting. At about 10 hours in length, this story is riveting from the start.

Maggie by Mya O’Malley, is a marvelous creation! I love the way it is written from different characters points of view. You really feel as though you are in the story with them.

Naomi is running from a mentally unstable ex-boyfriend and falls right into a home near a cemetery. After her cat seems drawn to a particular grave, Naomi delves deep into the young girl’s “accidental” death and finds herself befriending a spirit.

Naomi is quickly falling for a few guys in the neighborhood, but isn’t sure who she can trust as her research starts bringing up some surprising accusations. Can Naomi solve the mystery of young Maggie’s death while staying sane? Or with she get caught in harms way
and lose everything?

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