On Viking Seas (The Forerunner, Book 3) by Jay Veloso Batista – Review by Angela Hayes

On Viking Seas (Forerunner, Book #3)On Viking Seas by Jay Veloso Batista
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3 Stars


On Viking Seas is the third book in The Forerunner Series by Jay Veloso Batista. This is an epic fantasy- with plenty of adventure, action, history, (Norse) mythology, Vikings, hidden agendas, paranormal beings and elements, danger, drama, challenges, revenge, curses, and more.
There was so much going on in this story, and so many characters (most with difficult to pronounce names to try to remember) that at times this story got quite confusing.
I didn’t realise going into this story that it is book three in the series, so I think I would have fared better if I had read the other two books first before starting on this one. I have gone back and purchased books one and two- and plan on reading them soon. So, hopefully knowing what transpired in those first two books will shed this book in a better light.
I can tell that the author is very passionate about the subject matter and his stories, and it apparent that he put a lot of blood, sweat, heart, soul, and research into his work- which resulted in the rich and vibrant picture he painted that allowed his story to come to life.
But with so much going on, and so many different POV’s to get my head around, and the many difficult names to remember really made for a confusing and ‘choppy’ read for me. I did settle into it more as the story unfolded, so maybe I will feel better about this story once I have read the other two books. So stay tuned.
But if you like epic fantasy, with plenty of different situations, motivations, and threads- then this is definitely the book for you.

Thank you, Jay Veloso Batista.

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