I Will Bury You by Brandy Nacole – Review by Angela Hayes

I Will Bury YouI Will Bury You by Brandy Nacole
My rating: 3 of 5 stars


3 Stars


I Will Bury You by Brandy Nacole is a YA thriller- a bit of a mystery with murder, family secrets, lies, discovery, crime and investigation, and drama.
The story has an interesting premise, and I couldn’t wait to dive in- but unfortunately the many editing issues really detracted from my enjoyment of the story (in my Verified Purchase Kindle copy- from Amazon Australia). With a little tweaking and attention, this story really could be stellar- but as it is, it fell short for me.
But, as the story is geared towards a younger audience, maybe they won’t see the issues, or have the same problems I have had reading this book.
I really did want to love this book and I am sorry that I didn’t.
Maybe next time.

Thank you, Brandy Nacole.


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