The Luminara Series: Box Set – Volume 1 (Lussuria – L’amore – Lucca’s Lust) by SJ Molloy – Review by Jenique Bornman

The Luminara Series: Box Set Volume 1: Lussuria - L'amore -Lucca's LustThe Luminara Series: Box Set Volume 1: Lussuria – L’amore -Lucca’s Lust by S.J. Molloy
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

50 Shades of Gray…. with some Italian sexiness.
This is the first time I’m reading something by S.J. Molly, she brought an interesting new take on the dominant and submissive nature of some relationships. I was really intrigued by their backstories especially because they first met outside their therapists office.
The characters are well developed and I liked the different perspectives of the story. My only critique is that some of the dialogue was a bit repetitive. I also wish that the 4th book was also in the series.

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