Twisted Throttle (Satan’s Devils MC Second Generation #3) by Manda Mellett – Review by Tracy Manderson

Twisted Throttle (Satan's Devils MC Second Generation #3)Twisted Throttle by Manda Mellett
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Twisted Throttle (Satan’s Devils MC: Second Generation #3)
by Manda Mellett

5 out of 5 stars

I have read quite a few of Ms. Mellett and her writing gets better with each book. The characters are well written with strong personalities and unusual quirks.

This story is about Throttle he is Peg’s and his old lady Darcy son. He is a full patched member he even took followed fathers and is the enforcer. He is young and cocky and a ladies’ man. He is not the settling down type, he is a one night and done he doesn’t want a woman to call his own and has no intention of becoming a husband, certainly not for a good few year’s.

In walks Gwen she is his little sister friend from school he never noticed her while growing up but he notices her now. Gwen is a new waitress at the Wheel Inn restaurant and bar which the club owns, Throttle is often there acting as a bouncer and the pair reconnect, platonically or something else?

What happens when these two gives into their desires? Who doesn’t want these two in a relationship? Why is somebody stalking Throttle now? Are the stalking Throttle or Gwen? Can they come up with a plan before someone gets really hurt?

This is a great book/series and I highly recommend it….


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