Blue Summer Part One by Everly Taylor – Review by Jennifer Gordon

Blue Summer Part OneBlue Summer Part One by Everly Taylor
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I found this paranormal, fantasy romance both entertaining and engaging. The synopsis does not give much away so I was looking forward to getting immersed in the storyline and I was not disappointed. Lillie has grown up with hushed whispers about the blue skinned Zayed and has been taught to fear them. However, when she has an encounter with the Zayed she realises that the whispers and rumours are not true and changes her mind about them. When she is kidnapped by a sorcerer who believes she knows more than she does Lillie is taken deeper into the Zayed’s world. As she gets to know, Chief, Clay, Heath and Brian she discovers that she feels more at home in their world than in her own and has to figure out her role to save both herself and the Zayed community. This is a short, fast paced read with an exciting and original storyline which flows wells. The plot is full of drama, fantasy, romance, wit, and suspense all of which had me hooked from start to finish. The authors wonderful world building and descriptive narrative really bought the Zayed and their community to life and I fell in love with all the main characters. The cliffhanger ending has left me looking forward to book two.

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