Broken Circle (Gray Ghost Novel Book 1) AUDIO BOOK by Amy McKinley – Review by Charlisa Wahtomy-Alba

Everything about Liv’s current life is a lie. Maybe all of it was. She was living a great life with her husband, Alexander, and selling her sculptors. When she over hears a phone call that her husband brushes off as just work she becomes suspicious. When Olivia finds out that she is expecting and tells Alex, he plans an impromptu trip to see his mother in Venezuela. While there things take a turn and Olivia discovers things about her husband that she was in the dark about. Who was her husband really? She didn’t know this man at all. She is able to make her escape and ends up with an ex SEAL named Liam. Can she trust him to keep her safe? What will happen when the bad men that are following her finally catch up with her?

I enjoy books by Amy McKinley. There is a little bit of everything in them and this one was no exception.

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