Dirty Kisses and Conflicting Wishes (Kiss Me Series Book 1) by Danielle Jacks – Review by Nastalzia Walden

Dirty Kisses and Conflicting WishesDirty Kisses and Conflicting Wishes by Danielle Jacks
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Dirty Kisses and Conflicting Wishes by Danielle Jacks is the first book in the Kiss Me series. At 160 pages, a fairly quick read, the story is given between the two main characters, Damien and Zoe, giving each an ample amount of read time to explain and grasp each individual story and point of view while flowing delicately into a beautiful story.
Zoe doesn’t want her family to know her life is falling apart. Damien wants revenge on his ex best friend. Two very separate lives they are living but they somehow reunite at the strip club Damien works at.
Two people who knew each other growing up and now have completely separate motives somehow come together as a part of the same plan. Revenge. Misunderstanding. Whatever the reason was these two fell into a fake relationship in order to fulfill both of their motives. Can this relationship be more than just an act? All the chemistry and steam, can it all actually be real?
This story makes you feel like you are a part of their plan. Their story. It keeps you entertained and continues to add little things that make the story just a little unexpected and leaves the reader just wanting to know what happens next. The romance and the chemistry and the steamy moments as well and all the heart strings and relatability in this story makes it such an enjoyable read. I cannot wait to read the next books in this series.

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