Hell Hath No Fury (Life Is Hell Book 2) by Naomi Valkyrie

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Hell Hath No Fury (Life Is Hell Book 2) by Naomi Valkyrie
Genre – Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy, Suspense
I’ve never fallen in love before.
I never wanted to – until now.
Unfortunately, I’m not the only one out to get the girl.
I’m Sheridan Dion, hedonism demon, out to win the heart of a human deputy one delicious baked good at a time.
I thought I was making an impression on Millicent but a secret admirer starts leaving strange, magical gifts, redirecting her attention. When the admirer’s true intentions are made known, my presence seems more of a curse than a blessing.
It figures. I finally find someone to give my heart, but chances are I’ll end up breaking hers – or get her killed.


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Firebrand Provocateur, Director of Domestic Operations (aka Mom & Wife), Actually Autistic, Avid reader, Starbucks tea addict, Goth girl, Lover of dark and spooky things. Sometimes I attempt to put words on paper and make it into something coherent.

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