Sons of Sindicato (Sons of Sindicato ) by Cam Johns & Sonya Jesus – Review by Stephanie Chapman

Sons of Sindicato (Sons of Sindicato #0)Sons of Sindicato by Cam Johns
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Sons of Sindicato is an edgy romance novel written by the collaborative efforts of Cam Johns and Sonya Jesus. Braelynn has just obtained her approval of being a partner in a notorious law firm. Despite all of her diligent work, Thomas Wexler seems to not be happy making her a partner. Determined to amend any hard feelings between them, Braelynn stays late and enters his office. Wexler is working on something and seems agitated at her interruption of his privacy. Tension is building and Wexler locks the office door; this isn’t the first time Braelynn has been at the mercy of her boss; only this time she has a secret that will be her saving grace.
Attorneys and clients should never be involved in anything beyond a business relationship. This suspense story involves the Giordano family and a young black female attorney needing to have a common goal. Braelynn is involved in a serious relationship with Seth, and their relationship has been a secret. After waiting on Braelynn, Seth enters the building and finds Wexler dead and his girlfriend’s clothing shredded from an attack. Immediately, his criminal mind turns on and Braelynn is thrown into the world of the Sindicato organization. Will she be able to keep her job as an attorney? Will the mob accept her as a family, or will she be left alone?
The writing is intense in this short book, and I am eagerly looking forward to reading the next book in the series. I am an avid fan of suspense crime novels and Sons of Sindicatio delivers everything I look for in a 5-star book. The action, raw emotion, and uncertainty of what path each character will take held my attention all the way to the ending. The end is perfect for a seamless transition into a sequel.

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