Life’s a Witch (New Orleans Nocturnes Book 3) AUDIO BOOK by Carrie Pulkinen – Review by Kerry Baker

Life’s A Witch Audio Book by Carrie Pulkinen is the third book in the New Orleans Nocturnes series. This is one so the most entertaining series that I have read and this book is no exception. Crimson is one of those characters that is so memorable and entertaining I could listen to this book just for her. She was brilliant when I was reading the book but listening to it she just came alive. I could picture her so much better and felt like you really got to feel her personality. I could so easily imagine everything from her mannerisms to try the way she spoke. For me this audio book was all about her. I am so glad that it is the same narrator for this book as it was was for the previous. She does such a great job of bringing the book to life and really makes it so easy to listen to. This is another brilliant success for one of my new favourite authors.

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