Luce Eterna: Part 1 (The Luminara Series Book 5) by SJ Molloy – Review by Karyn Taylor

Luce Eterna: Part 1: Book 5, The Luminara SeriesLuce Eterna: Part 1: Book 5, The Luminara Series by S.J. Molloy
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

WOW!!!… I don’t really know what to say about Luce Eterna Part One. My brain is totally scrambled and my emotions are all over the place. I’ll need some time to recover from this book. SJ Molloy was new to me until I discovered this series and now I can’t give her enough praise for this amazing series. This has definitely been the most powerful, emotional book of the series so far.
This book is so different from the first 4 books in that the tables have totally turned for Lucca and Lexi. Lexi has struggled with major anxiety due to a horrifying childhood and Lucca has totally been her rock, the person who grounded her. Now Lexi has recently given birth prematurely to twins and is excited to start a life as a family when their world is turned upside down. Surprisingly Lexi is the strong one who takes charge while Lucca totally falls apart. My emotions were all over the place. One minute I felt heart sorry for Lucca, then in a blink I wanted to kick his butt and tell him to get a grip. On the other hand sometimes I loved Lexi and other times I wanted her to calm down and just give Lucca a hug. I didn’t know which side I was on. It changed from page to page.
This is a deep and dark book, like the previous books in the series. I recommend that you have some tissues handy as this book is heartbreaking. I really can’t wait to read the climax of this amazing story.

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