Luce Eterna: Part 1 (The Luminara Series Book 5) by SJ Molloy – Review by Shelly Kittell

Luce Eterna: Part 1: Book 5, The Luminara SeriesLuce Eterna: Part 1: Book 5, The Luminara Series by S.J. Molloy
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Book 5 of the series and I just have to say that it gets better with every book. The characters are well-written. I feel like the characters could have been a few people I have met throughout my life. The plot is a page turner with many little twists. Just when you think you may know what’s going on, BAM, twist! I You feel every emotion that Lei and Lucca feel as the story goes along It’s not often that you can feel that in a story. This story left me on the edge of my chair and now I will be eagerly awaiting Part 2…

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