The Cross of Ciarán (The Cross of Ciarán Book 1) by Andrea Matthews – Review by Ashley Dover

The Cross of CiaranThe Cross of Ciaran by Andrea Matthews
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The Cross of Ciaran is a historical mystery that begins in Ireland in 492 A.D. Ciaran is put into a paralytic state and placed in a tomb alive.

Caitlyn O’Connell, an archaeologist, unearthed this ancient tomb in Ireland. The body of a priest is shrouded in the tomb but shows no signs of the deterioration that she would normally expect. She follows the body back to the museum in New York City, but the body of the Celt suddenly disappears from its display case in the museum.

Ciaran wakes up from a fifteen hundred year sleep on his death altar in the museum but after breaking the case, he leaves the museum to just get away from the altar. He finds himself in the sanctuary of a church where a priest offers to let him stay in the rectory. He has to learn English and the current culture to keep from being discovered.

Caitlyn happens to be one of the priest’s nieces. What happens when Caitlyn meets Ciaran? Will she realize that he is her missing Celtic priest?

Andrea Matthews weaves a historical tale full of pagan religious practices, Celtic traditions, American holiday traditions, and relationships…both familial and personal. What a beautifully written story!

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