Consigliere’s Revenge (Sicilian Gods Book 3) by Via Mari – Review by Angela Shirley

Consigliere's Revenge (Sicilian Gods Book 3)Consigliere’s Revenge by Via Mari
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Lorenzo is in Vegas to help the family exact revenge n the De Rosa’s after the blood shed of his family Larussio, but he has a thorn in his side as consigliere, a reporter is telling the secrets of the mafia and he must stop her before more family secrets are print across the papers.

Isabella is determined to expose the dirty under belly of the Mafia in Vegas, from the De Rosa’s feud to the revenge of the Larussio family, so when she gets access to to the inner sanctum of the VIP floor of Larussio’s hotel she sees things which would make a great story, upon leaving she is stopped by him, The Consigliere, he should scare her but with his dark soulless eyes and his alpha present she is attracted to this fascinated man who in one order could have her killed. But there is something there she can’t quite understand, but she has learnt not to trust these powerful men.

Lorenzo see’s her and instantly is drawn to her, once he makes her a proposition to work with them, she is his not just in work but in body too, can he get Izzy to trust him and love him back?

OMG, I love this series. This book although the third book in the Sicilian Gods Series you can read as a stand alone as each book focuses on one member of the family. This happens to be Lorenzo’s book which what a fast paced brilliant read. Lorenzo in the other books has always been a fleeting character and it was nice to read his “Forever Love” story. The character of Izzy was a brilliant equal to his character with fight and sass and it seems all your woman have the strength running through which makes them brilliant alpha ladies to these violent alpha males.

The only regret I have is not getting more of the Izzy’s relationship with “Families” in Italy as there is certainly a back story there which would be fascinating to read, also to understand the secret her father is keeping as that really peaked my interest but that may be in a different story relating to other characters we will see.

The story was well written and the two characters where just the right air of illusion to each other and to see the trust and chemistry build was brilliant to discovery.

Please, Please make Sergio your next story, he needs calming down with the love of a good woman, LOL.

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