Walker Pride (The Walker Family Series Book 1) by Bernadette Marie – Review by Kerry Carr

Walker Pride (The Walker Family, #1)Walker Pride by Bernadette Marie
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is the 1st book in the Walker Family Series. It is a lovely story about love and overcoming difficulties. The author does a great job at making the characters likeable and relatable.

Susan has moved to Georgia for a fresh start. She has big plans t open her new restaurant. She had plans and goals. What she doesn’t expect is Eric to come in a mess them all up.

Eric is a bit of a longer. Happy with his own company. After finding out he was going to lose his home because of a bet his uncle lost, Eric doesn’t know where to turn or what to do…

There is an instant connection between Erica and Susan but with them both having problems in their life’s can they over come them together or will secrets from their posts stop them from having a future.

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