Brink of Denial (Sons of Sindicato #1)Brink of Denial by Cam Johns
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Holy..Holy Smoke! This story just blew me away and left me wanting more! It’s a total mind-blowing story. I couldn’t put this down and when I did I couldn’t wait to get back to it. Just to find out what would happen. My emotions have been all over the place.

The characters just held me enthralled and I became immersed in their world. I go from loving them to wanting to smack them on the back of the head….saying idiot! I enjoyed their depth, emotions and honor. I love the mafia element. It makes some things expected but others are complete shocks. I loved getting to know these characters. I don’t have a favorite because Mila and Dane are hoth wonderful. Gia…well I wonder about her. Seems she was going to do something but then the idea just dropped off the face of the earth never mentioned again. I mean they were busy but a slight mention would have been good. Maybe at the party Dane could have cornered her at the beginning.

I did have some problems with Chapter 22. I felt some parts were missing and even backtracked thinking I could find it. Mila went to talk to Dane but never did because someone else was there and a distraction occurred. So in Chap 22 Dane is talking like he knows all everything…I mean everything that she was supposed to tell him plus a bit about Nico. I felt like I missed the telling or it was assumed that she told him?

Overall this is much improved from the first of the series. This has more depth to the story as well as the characters. There are references and some of this story takes place at the same time as book 1/prequel in here so for less confusion it is helpful to read that. I do Love this story and can’t wait for more!

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