Brink of Denial (Sons of Sindicato Book 2) by Sonya Jesus and Cam Johns – Review by Tracy Gutierrez

Brink of Denial (Sons of Sindicato #1)Brink of Denial by Cam Johns
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Loved it!!! Milana and Dane were great!! Milana wants to come back to Dane, after being away for eleven years pursuing her modeling career in California. When being blackmailed for so long she asks Dane for help, but things get worse. Dane wants Milana to prove that she will be loyal to not only him but to the Sindicato. Shacy-gutierrez”>View all my reviewse does everything asked of her and in the end gets her man. The book ends in kind of a cliffhanger so I’ll be anxiously awaiting the next book to see what happens.


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