Dirty Tactics (Special Weapons & Tactics Book 1) AUDIO BOOK by Peyton Banks – Review by Katie Matthews

Dirty Tactics (Special Weapons & Tactics Book 1) AUDIO BOOK

By Peyton Banks 

4 stars


Overall, I really enjoyed this audio book. The narration was good, it was easy to listen to and I liked the story. I always thought I would find it harder to connect with characters in an audio book but I definitely didn’t in this one. I liked Marcus and Sarena, he was definitely an alpha male – I loved that about him and I really liked Sarena too, I don’t always like the sweet and innocent female lead but I couldn’t help but think she was nice and definitely perfect for Marcus (in my opinion) – she did have a little bit of sass about her though!

Peyton Banks is a new to me author and I am definitely looking forward to listening/reading more of her stories!



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