Jeremy Full of Grace by Greta Cribbs – Review by Roxsanne Lesieur.

Jeremy Full of GraceJeremy Full of Grace by Greta Cribbs
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Jeremy is a seventeen year old boy, he lives with his mother, is a devout Roman Catholic, helps out around the house and in the diner where the family swap a hot meal for a useful skill or useful things left over from the time before technology broke down and lies changed forever, he lives in a world which has survived a plague, a plague which wiped out most of the population and left the rest barren, infertile and unable to reproduce at all, apart from Jeremy, he is pregnant and nearing full term at that. Leslie is an agnostic woman who has lost her faith since the plague hit and so has been travelling around the country to find out about how the plague has affected the population and whether there is any hope to save humanity, this is where she meets Jeremy and his mother and finds out about his extraordinary tale of how he became pregnant.

As she has nowhere to stay, she is invited to stay in the spare room of the house Jeremy and his mother live in, again, in exchange for working and helping out or making use of a special skill, it is at the mealtime with the local priest and a neighbouring family where she hears of how the Virgin Mary visited Jeremy on a hot summers day and asked him if he would bear a child for her, Leslie is skeptical to say the least, but Jeremy believes it wholeheartedly and his mother is slowly beginning to believe in it too. The only problem is how Jeremy is going to give birth to this miracle child and stay healthy in the meantime, at least this is his mother’s main worry, Jeremy is convinced that things will all work out according to God’s plan, however, they are in luck when Leslie reveals that she is a midwife and may be able to help them both through this trying time.

Will Leslie be able to help Jeremy to safely deliver this baby while being bombarded with her thoughts of her waned faith and the unfaltering faith of those around her, will this crisis be something she can work through in time, or will it affect more than just herself? This is an original and captivating tale which will draw you into the lives of those surviving in this dystopian world and sticking with them to the conclusion of the story.

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