Awakening the Gods (Rise of the Celtic Gods #1)Awakening the Gods by Kristin Gleeson
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This book was a wonderful read, and not just only for the story line. For the music, the scenery, the characters, and so much more. I enjoyed being apart of this book and I was truly captured instantly into the depth of the plot.

I loved reading a story as such as this. I am a Harp player, so this made me think back to happy times of playing the Harp with my grandfather. We always placed Celtic or Folk music.

To me all of the aspects that add to the plot were amazing, but truly the history lessons I received of the Gods truly fascinated me. I felt I knew a lot, but the more the story continued the more I learned and the more I intrigued. I know the next books in the series will more than likely educate me more and that’s more something I truly look forward to!

Saoirse is the main character whom has a special gift to play music. She receives some bad news that truly changes her life forever. Little did she know, fate had an upper hand in the dice it rolled, and her destiny was being set for her on the path she was always meant to walk.

Her adventure truly begins when she goes to visit a family member. I instantly was lot with happy feelings in the town of which her grandmother is residing. I loved the music they spoke of and there was many tales of the music and the joy and happiness the people of the town felt. I swear my heart was dancing with the folk of this beautiful happy town. I was under its spell truly at this point and I went down the path even more as the adventure was set out before me, and when she meets Smithy the story plot truly begins to unfold in ways I did not expect or anticipate and that made me fall in love even more!

Saoirse was a wonderful character to get to know and live in her shoes. She was quite relatable and a breath of fresh air. She had a gift within her. And she could weave music like a beautiful tidal wave. As well as that, for when fighting for what was in her heart, she was a fire that could not be tamed or put out. She was someone strong at heart and would not give up to the end no matter what costs. Even if it meant not being apart of this world was a risk she was more willing to take as she knew what was on the line.

Saoirse and Smithy were meant to meet. And not just that their paths were planned basically from the rules of destiny to intertwine. The connection between them was not sheer luck, it was something that was always meant to be. When you know something as strong as that, you just know You don’t need to define those feelings. Some things don’t need a definition and this was one of those things.

As their time together went further down the tunnel…I was more and more captivated. The danger they were to embrace together. Knowing a lot was on the line. Knowing the consequences for the land their very feet walked on…they knew this was home and it was worth everything to them at all costs.

I will be happily awaiting for the second novel in this series. I was in love with every aspect of this book. It was a delightful treat that my common words can not express in simple writing.

I loved the book that this author, Kristin Gleeson, has written for her readers. She captivated me as if I was hearing a new song for the first time and my feet just went with the music.

Truly was happy I read this book and got to meet some new characters, I m going to be looking forward to know even more as the series progresses.

Amazing book, and its very easy to get lost into the story and lose track of the time in your every day life. No regrets here. Just sheer enjoyment!

Pick up this book and read it, I’m pretty sure you will love it as much as I did 🙂

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